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Wooden house


This design, implementation and inspiration is for those of you who are inclined to live in a minimalist space.

  • maybe this way of life is your dream
  • maybe you don’t have the courage or the finances to build a big house
  • you may not want to deal with the complexities of a building permit
  • you might like your child to build a small house in your garden to live next to you and live independently
  • maybe you need an office, a studio, a cottage, a sewing room, a studio …


The houses are composed of solid spruce DUO construction prisms. DUO prisms consist of two separate coreless slats that are glued together. Due to the strong connection, the product is dimensionally stable over time.

The dimensions of the prism are 16 x 23 cm (width, height).

They are mounted on an all-metal welded (non-homologated) chassis or can be placed directly on pre-prepared footings on the property.

PAVATEX Isolair wood-fibre insulation is used in the roof construction. The composition of the materials allows the implementation of a green roof.

The wood is treated inside and outside with natural oil coatings from Leinos and BSP. The wooden parts of the exterior and interior are coated with 3 layers of paint, the last layer is with UV.

  • windows and doors: triple glazing, plastic, wood, aluminium (windows are sealed with illbruck expansion tape)
  • roof: EPDM foil
  • outdoor dimensions: 8 x 2.6 x 3.6 to 12 x 3.4 x 3.6 m (length, width, height)
  • internal dimensions: 7.7 x 2.3 x 3.4 to 11.7 x 3.1 x 3.4 m (length, width, height)


A sloping terrace with a roof can be added to the house.

House for sale

We offer for sale a finished house for year-round living. The nature of the equipment we choose simply, mostly using natural materials. In case of interest it is possible to see the house. The price of the house including equipment is 1.690.000,- CZK without VAT and transport.

House on demand

It is for those of you who desire an original design and realization, according to your needs and wishes. After a joint consultation, we will specify your requirements and inspirations, which we will incorporate into the creation of a new space for living, recreation, hobby, etc. We will build the house including complete equipment, you just need to move in.

The price depends on the size, choice of materials and level of equipment.

House in the base – without equipment

It is an alternative for those who will retrofit and realise the house themselves.

If you have a clear idea of the layout, we can build you a house according to your specifications.

Those who are not so familiar with this situation can use our services. We will consider your needs and can prepare a design, floor plan. These services are chargeable.

We will assemble the rough building, structure including windows, doors, roof, landings and preparation for laying the floor. Within the roof and floor construction, all necessary insulation is completed. The roof part is covered with EPDM foil, guttering. In this alternative, the house does not have electricity, water, sewage installations (by agreement, the installations can be realized). The wooden parts of the exterior – interior are without finishes, finished with sanding. The house is ready to be placed on the foundation footing or chassis.

Price on request (depends on the size and choice of window design: plastic, wood, aluminium).